Beard’s coming on nice. Sick party last night with my favourite people.

Anonymous asked: "5'8, long hair, brown eyes, plays 4 instruments and sings. star wars, harry potter, lotr, ptv, miw, sws. would snuggle you and watch movies (clothing optional) but more likely to drag you out to shows and on adventures."

Please date me

Anonymous asked: "CoD, Skyrim, Skate, Battlefield, GTA. woops."

come off anon

Anonymous asked: "6 foot Asian loves pizza and butts, mustache, concerts, and playing video games"

Depends on what kind of video games 

Anonymous asked: "6 foot pansexual asain stretched lobes blonde hair dominant star wars date me"

d a t e

Anonymous asked: "5'9", blue eyes, dirty blonde, guit-fiddle player, dog lover, awkward, and i need cuddles. badlyyyy"

come off anon and love me. 



I’m starting to feel a lot more body confident recently.

Also canny wait to get me chest finished then get me stomach tattoo started.

holy fuck


Pierce The Veil - Besitos

Oh my god I was like why is a girl singing on stage and now I’m never going to forgive myself for realizing that it Vic.
Anonymous asked: "I'm 5'9, brown eyes, animal lover, cuddler, Lord of the Rings is my life and a hopeless romantic looking for his love story."

hi date me


Almost broke my ass on this one.

Basement - Pine

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